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University of Virginia

Feedback from parents:

“When our son was in college, we realized that he needed an Academic Coach to guide him on how to structure and utilize time more efficiently.  After contacting the University, our search led us to Anna Crockett and her company Executive Function Matters.  Our son had the ability to understand the course material, but needed guidance in structuring his time and needed accountability to someone.  Anna met with him weekly, either in person or by phone, reviewed what he had accomplished and they set goals for the following week.  Items were charted and our son had a concrete schedule to work from.  He knew he had to report to her each week.  It proved to be so beneficial at a critical time for him and helped him establish work/study skills that he will use in his professional life.  She is very knowledgeable and professional and was a life saver for our son.  We are thankful to her and for the services her company provides!”


“We can’t thank you enough for your invaluable help organizing Catherine’s academic workload! Through your calm manner, superior attention to detail, and gentle motivation you changed the latter part of college from a last minute, panicked scramble to a smooth journey where my daughter felt prepared and ready. It is not an exaggeration to say the transformation was remarkable and Catherine wished that she had worked with you all four years. You made being prepared seem reasonable and expected and that is a skill Catherine will carry forward in life. Many, many thanks!”

Juniata College (coaching via Google Hangouts after in-person meeting)

Feedback from Parent:

“The approach used here produced strong results (GPA elevated about 1.5 points from fall to spring semester) because it is rooted in learning theory and contains key motivational and behavioral components.  The commitments that are required of the student are incremental and attainable.  The net result was not only creating a better method to manage daily and weekly academic demands, but (as my son put it) “a shift in my mindset and work ethic”.  After three challenging semesters, he not only has discovered reliable organizational tools, but has developed the confidence that using those tools will facilitate success.”

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