From Washington and Lee University students:

  • It was encouraging and gave me an actual plan and things to do for success.
  • It was very practical and made a lot of sense when you think about it. Mrs. Crockett was very nice, encouraging, and provided helpful tips along the way.
  • My study skills improved significantly and my tie management helped me improve my grades.
  • Learning study habits, such as alternating between subjects and taking 5-minute breaks every half hour.  Also, the final exam plan is really helping me now.
  • I’ve benefited most by being more away of where my time was going and stressing more doing and less looking (during study).
  • It made me feel like I wasn’t the only one struggling, and that I could change it by changing  my study habits.
  • I liked being forced to look at my routines and habits each week.
  • I liked having her help me plan out what I need to do on which day of the week.
  • I liked being taught different strategies and being held accountable.
  • The instructor always had a positive attitude and was willing to go above and beyond to help me make a difference in my classes.
  • Thank you so much for everything you have helped me with over the past few weeks.  It has bee very helpful and constructive and I really do feel that I am making progress with my organization skills and study tactics.
  • Some of the things you taught may seem obvious to other people, but some of them were truly revelations to me and I want to thank you for revealing them to me.  I will definitely use some of thee things for a long time, and your advice has inspired me to try and be more organized in general.  I hope to reach my full potential with your help.
  • I have struggled for years to manage my time well. In the four months I’ve worked with Anna Crockett my time management skills and impulse control have hit new highs. I often feel like I’ve fallen through months or whole semesters before I was able to get my bearings. So, keeping track of deadlines and appointments was exhausting and disorienting. Anna’s strategies for overcoming that disorientation are simple, but very effective. Nonetheless, Anna’s support has been more helpful to me than her methods. These methods e.g. calendars, lists, timelines, et al. aren’t secrets and I had tried many of them before seeking Anna’s help. The difference between then and now is accountability. I feel accountable to Anna for my success or failure each week. Although she pushes me (which I need), Anna is polite, professional and genuinely kind. I stay on top of my work while anticipating our next meeting. I leave each meeting with a freshly clarified grasp of what I must do and how much time I have in which to do it. For me this is like having a sixth sense. While I have much more work to do, I haven’t been this optimistic about developing personal management skills in a very long time. (Note:  Coaching meetings with this student were a combination of face-to-face and Skype.)

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