Parents of high school students

“Anna Crockett systematically evaluated all documents relative to my son’s learning differences and spoke with his teachers to understand exactly where he stood academically. She was able to approach and communicate with my son in a non-judgmental, non-confrontational manner in efforts to understand his motivations and goals. Anna presented realistic evolving strategies to help my son organize and prepare for current and upcoming school work, tests, and projects.

Having Anna Crockett assist in my son’s academic process alleviated much of the school related stress and improved family communication relative to his academics. Without Anna, my son would have had challenges graduating high school on time with an Advanced Diploma. Now, he is preparing to move on to one of his top college choices; something he never would have been able to do without her.”


“Just when I was ready to cave in to failure. You came to our rescue, giving me a few months of reprieve, allowing me some space and a view from the tree line.

There is not enough space nor enough positive words to properly address my sincerest gratitude for the sacrifices you made these past months. You helped Ryan more than you can imagine. I believe his success with the SOL’s was a direct result of all your hard work and encouragement. I am so proud of you and your abilities to jump right into a subject matter and break it down into workable pieces, while pulling the best from a student, whose capabilities you could only assume.  You brought out the best in Ryan. ”


Anna Crockett is an invaluable resource to our family.  She is working with both our teens teaching them skills and strategies that they will use the rest of their lives.  She has helped turn around our daughter’s confidence and success in school which has affected her positively in all other ways.  With our ADD son, she is always positive, patient and encouraging (much more than I am).  Anna manages to highlight the positives and give the kids hope while devising specific strategies based on their deficits.  Our son has significant executive function issues and she is working diligently contacting teachers and working with him to help him be successful.  Our worries about our kids’ success in school have lessened now that they are in Anna’s skillful and dedicated hands.  Thank you Anna for everything you do!  (Note to reader:  daughter is in high school; son is in middle school)


“At every point in working with him you exceeded our expectations at every level.  You consistent approach, deep competence and unwavering support has been nothing short of inspiring.”


“Jackson has benefitted from meeting with Anna in many ways. He has turned in assignments on time and brought his grades up rather significantly. He seems more on top of his schedule than he has been in the past.”


“When you came into our lives, we did not know that you would touch us in such a special with your good heart, always saying something thoughtful and being so  kind.  Your genuine friendship and the wisdom you imparted to him in the tough ties are immeasurable.  Many times it would have been easy to walk away, but you did not.  I want you to know how much you are appreciated and what a gift you are.””


“Anna Crockett is an excellent academic coach who knows how to gain the respect and trust of her students. Not only does she offer insightful expertise in research-based strategies and practices to improve executive function and academic learning, but she goes above and beyond to respond to the specific needs of her students. Her positive attitude is infectious, and she genuinely cares about her students. She truly creates an environment in which students can achieve their full potential.”



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