Virginia Military Institute

From students (how they have benefited):

  • words cannot even begin…I learned new ways over my high school study methods that weren’t working
  • boosted my confidence while I learned how to make the most of my time
  • I learned how to do college work and not spazz out
  • provided ideas for study which I hadn’t thought of before
  • motivated me to get out and actually get something done
  • allowed me to better believe in myself and see what I am capable of
  • my attitude has become severely more positive over the time of the meetings
  • kept a positive attitude in all my classes even the class I had trouble with
  • helped balance time and prioritize everything
  • learned how to organize and manage my time
  • huge improvement in time management and being more organized
  • I set weekly goals which gave me something to work to, and I did
  • found many more tools to use
  • even though I knew a lot of the info prior to the meetings on how to study, it was valuable to hear it and be held accountable for practicing the habits
  • accomplished ability to continue good work even after minor setbacks or poor grades
  • the time I spend studying is much more efficient now
  • planning study time and balancing it between subjects
  • the conferences were very informative and the advice given actually works!
  • I loved the meetings. They helped pull my GPA up and I’m also now a better student.
  • they gave me new ways to do things and moral support
  • if it wasn’t for you I might not still be in college, because I was so unorganized.  Our weekly meetings have really helped me stay focused and has helped relieve a lot of stress.  VMI and varsity athletics can be a lot to handle, but you gave me the confidence and tools to overcome  that obstacle.
  • Working with you definitely helped me in many ways. I learned different techniques and skills on studying, but talking about my classes and the work I had to do was probably one of the biggest things that helped me. I always feel like I have a lot to do until I can break it down into a list or plan times to work on different assignments. You really helped me out with that. And thank you so much for listening to me talk my plans out until I figured out what I was doing, the support and encouragement I received from you helped immensely!

   From alumnus:

“Ms. Crockett embodies all of those traits and characteristics we seek to instill in our students and the leaders of the 21st Century.  She is the type of educator that is essential to developing the workforce of the future.”

“I have known many amazing teachers in my life, none of them had a greater impact on my development than she did….she is more than just a facilitator of knowledge or a provider of resources; she truly cares about the welfare of cadets.”

Major, US Marine Corps, VMI Class of 2000

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