“Anna partnered with us to provide the GRIT program to first-year students who were trudging academically.  She took the initiative to interview faculty ad upper-division students to make sure her program was specifically geared to our University.  Her patience and flexibility were of great benefit as we were piloting tho new program on our campus.  The 18 students she worked with fall term increased their gpa .43 from midterm to final grade, whereas similarly situated students who chose not to meet with her only increased their gpa .1.  Anna provided an unprecedented customer service coordinating directly with the students about scheduling and providing periodic updates to me as they Dean.  We look forward to working with Ana next year.  Students consistently shared that they enjoyed working with her and found the time management exercises to be enlightening.  Anna provides the perfect blend of compassionate listening and scientifically based advice.”

Associate Dean, Director of First-Year Experience, Washington and Lee University

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