From VMI Administrators:

“For two decades Anna has been a creative and dedicated force in academic support services at VMI…. her institution of coaching workshops, design and implementation of a high performing and nationally certified peer tutoring program, and commitment to ensure that our programs were integrating innovations in the field caught my attention early and earned my admiration and respect.

Her contributions have been marked by expertise, innovation, hands on engagement with students, faculty and staff, and a tireless dedication to program excellence and, most of all, to the students entrusted to her care.”

                                                     Former Deputy Superintendent for Academics and Dean of Faculty, Virginia Military Institute

Anna persisted in acquiring provisional admittance to the Corps through her indivdiual victories, soon bruited among the Cadets, her cooperation with professors, her refusal to accept failure, her practical solutions to Cadets’ dilemmas (academic in principle but often if not always tinged with the personal, the human, the adolescent), her radiant confidence (which Cadets quickly distinguished from an idiot optimism) in what these kids can accomplish when in command of their faculties.”

Her programs met with great success; her gift is that insight into the human (and the adolescent, not exactly the same thing) that is universal and will serve anywhere the communion of rigor and youth is at stake.”

                         Former Dean of Faculty, Virginia Military Institute, SGM, U.S. Army Special Forces (Ret.)       

“For twenty years, Anna Crockett’s training in study skills and time management transformed VMI cadets, instilling in them a sense of responsibility for their own education.  Anna had a particular gift for encouraging underperforming cadets to fulfill their academic potential.  She was an essential resource at VMI.”

                                            Professor, Department of History, VMI  

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